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VIRIDIA FARMS was founded on the philosophy that cannabis can be grown organically, sustainable and bio dynamically. 

HOW WE GROW: Viridia Farms uses a no-till living soil method. This emphasizes focus on the health of the soil. We inoculate each plant with strain specific fungi and bacteria, this allows direct communication with the plants and allows the plant to receive exactly what it needs for full genetic expression. This eliminates the need for synthetic chemicals, and allows the plant to create its own unique profile, just as nature intended. 

VARIETIES: Viridia Farms seeks to obtain rare and hard to get cultivars. Each cultivar brings its own exclusive trait to our varietal menu. Why have common, when you can have different.

VIRIDIA FARMS was founded by Kayla Garcia with a foundation of offering hand crafted small batch cannabis free from synthetic pesticides and ingredients while practicing sustainable agriculture practices.


At VIRIDIA FARMS we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious and committed to organic cannabis cultivation.


VIRIDIA FARMS is located in the northern portion of the agriculturally rich Willamette Valley. 

Cultivar catalogue

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